About the Ag Women’s Network

Cultivating and connecting leaders for a strong agriculture sector.

Formed in 2013, the Ag Women’s Network (AWN) is passionately focused on cultivating and connecting leaders for a strong agriculture sector. With more than 1000 members, the AWN is a diverse cross-section of individuals that represent and participate in all facets of the agriculture and agri-food sector.

Our vision is for a vibrant and respected agriculture industry where diversity is celebrated and individuals reach their full potential.

We strive towards this by providing a forum for members to share their own experiences and learn from one another. Specifically, members may engage digitally through social media, online chats or in-person at events held throughout the year. Although based in Ontario, we are actively looking for ways to connect more Canadian women in-person and are interested in collaborating with industry groups where appropriate.

The Ag Women’s Network is entirely volunteer-led with a structure which reflects the collaborative,inclusive and evolving dynamic of the network.

  • Members may volunteer for one of several Action Teams responsible for social media, communications content, event coordination, virtual events and partnerships
  • A Leadership Team, consisting of up to nine volunteer members eventually selected from Action Teams, will lead the annual planning and governance of the organization
  • Advisory and Mentorship Teams will provide strategic-level guidance and coaching to the Leadership Team
  • The Chairperson will be elected by the Leadership Team.

For 2016, the Ag Women’s Network Leadership Team will consist of: Maurine Balsillie, Jen Christie, Christina Couture, Joan Craig, Christian Crowley-Arklie, Mary-Ann Doré, Megan VanShaik and Robyn Walsh.

Anyone wishing to volunteer for an Action Team is still welcome and asked to contact the Ag Women’s Network and state your interest by email to agwomensnetwork@gmail.com. Specifically, volunteers are needed to assist with a farm tour for June, our signature fall event and communications.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ag Women’s Network Leadership Team


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