Join us for #AWNChat during Advancing Women’s Conference

We’re excited to let you know that we will be hosting #AWN Chat throughout the Advancing Women Conference in Toronto.  There will be live tweeting about the event, comments by AWN members attending and some questions/comments that we would like to present as discussion items.  We want you to be involved! We will be hosting this through Twitter and it will be active from mid-morning Monday, October 3rd to mid-afternoon Tuesday, October 4th.  Join in whenever it suits your schedule!!! 

twitter-awnFor our members who are not on Twitter, we will be posting some of the #AWNChat content on our Facebook Group page.  We want to give as many women as possible the opportunity to virtually join the AWCeast2016.  We hope you understand that it is difficult to attend a conference like this AND keep up a conversation on both Twitter and Facebook.  So, this time the main focus is Twitter but there will be lots to follow on Facebook as well.

For those of you who are attending the Advancing Women Conference, we are looking forward to connecting with you there.  You can find us at the CAHRC booth as they kindly offered to share their space with us.  We will be handing out AWN stickers for people to place on their nametags.  This will make a great way to connect with other AWN members or to tell conference attendees about AWN. 

If you are attending, we have a unique way for you to participate in the #AWNChat.  Our “AWN Roving Reporter” will be approaching AWN members to give comments, if they wish, that can be used as tweets. She might even ask for a photo or two.  Our goal is to CONNECT and to be VIRTUALLY YOURS!

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