This Journey Continues… Now Includes Building Bridges

The Ag Women’s Network is proud to introduce the first of a series of monthly blogs from AWN Exec Joan Craig. Joan has a bevy of experience and insights to share with us, so please read on and be sure to comment!

In University, my friends and I took the Women’s Liberation movement seriously. We talked equal rights and studied women’s issues. We dressed to look strong and smart with little sexuality. Or so I thought, until viewing photos at a recent reunion. There I was, halter top on and legs posed with definite hip action. My journey into adulthood was just beginning.

Interesting how different events cause you to reflect on the past, challenge your current thinking and invigorate you for the future. How we bridge past, present and future is intriguing. I believe we gain strength by sharing experiences, opinions and knowledge between generations. This is what makes change happen and progress sustainable.

I’ve decided to take on a personal challenge of writing monthly blog posts. My goal is to provide AWN readers with opportunities to be reflective, thought-full and invigorated. My perspective includes farm girl, university grad, educator, farm partner, volunteer, and retired teacher. I’m a proud mom and wife. I champion life-long learning. Three of my favourite terms are encouragement, respect diversity and faith. I plan to write using 200-ish words, a tweet-style title and an online link. Don’t worry – no back-to-the-70’s photos!

A strong voice for Women's Lib!

A strong voice for Women’s Lib! (Helen Reddy,1975)

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